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What led me to use medical marijuana?

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I started smoking reefer back in the 70s when I was in my early teens, and I have smoked a lot high quality marijuana. At the ripe and “mature” age of 19, I became to married to my first wife. She was, to say the least, not too impressed with my Cheech and Chong lifestyle. She was worried about the police. There was no such thing as legal weed back then, and we had never heard of medical marijuana so I became much more judicious, for the most part, about when, where, and how often I smoked. About a year after we divorced, (are you surprised?), I was beaten nearly to death by my ex’s new husband, and two other nice young men who kindly volunteered to help him kick the living crap out of my face and ribs. He must have been sick and tired of hearing her talk about what a great-looking guy I am, ha ha. That was a long, long time ago, but the whole incident left me with a case of PTSD, and a raging dose of Tinnitus. Medical marijuana is about the only thing I have found that helps control the symptoms of these conditions.

marijuana pot cannabis mary jane field big crop

how to grow a cannabis plant

I remarried a few years later, to an amazing woman. After our six kids, (two of mine, and four of hers), got through high school and moved out into the big wide world, we moved out here to Colorado. She and I have been together for almost 20 years now. My wife is such a cool woman, and she totally realizes and understands that I need the medical marijuana to help control my disorders. Besides, she doesn’t mind hitting the pipe and sharing a little legal weed with me now and again, in fact, I’ve given her the nickname “Grammy Weeder”. I’m not too sure how much she likes that, but she is all about growing marijuana for ourselves. Over the years we have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on pot that is way too expensive for its quality. High quality marijuana is easier to find in Colorado than it was in Kansas, but man is it ever expensive???!!!!

my backdoor view (click to enlarge)


We needed high quality marijuana at mucho lower prices

A little over a year ago, on a trip we took back to Kansas, my brother, Myles, (he smokes dope, not medical marijuana, ha ha,) turned me onto a program that has changed my life completely. It was an online cannabis grow bible called “Growing Elite Marijuana”. When I asked him where he found it, he said it was advertised in one of his copies of “High Times Magazine.” I was so impressed with the system, that I bought it as soon as we got home, and I have not one negative word to say about it. The program has taught me how to grow high quality marijuana, ( medical marijuana ), in an amazingly short grow cycle, and now we have a never ending supply of some of the most high quality legal weed, (honest injun, this shit be good!) I’ve ever smoked, (good ole Colombian from the 70s included), for virtually free!


this is a review site for more information go to the official website

Legal Weed: Growing my own medical cannabis: Where to start?

Sometimes it’s hard to start a project at the beginning. The simplest question to begin with is “How do you grow high quality marijuana?” Just any old legal weed won’t do when you’re growing medical marijuana. Ryan starts the course by gearing it for first time growers, sort of like a, “Growing Marijuana for Dummies” although I’m sure there are some seasoned vets that have benefitted from some of that information, (like where to find the most high quality marijuana seeds and which seed companies ship safely). He takes you through the entire process, including choosing the best soil for growing elite weed, to seed germination, what fertilizers to use, all the way to cloning your best reefer and creating an endless grow cycle.

cannabis grow

What about the results?

Last spring, Myles and his wife came out to the mountains to visit for a couple weeks. When I showed him my little project, I thought his eyes would pop out of his head! See, he had taken my advise. When he showed me the program at his house, I warned him not to use it there in Kansas. The marijuana laws there are so brutal. I hear medical marijuana is in the works there now, (although I wouldn’t get my hopes up too soon!). I didn’t want Myles to get into the kind of trouble I did in that State. So he was almost pissed off that I had bought the book and put it to use. That is until I made a little, (not so little,) care-package of my legal weed for him to take home. lmao!


Is This just your average grow book?

The online book, “Growing Elite Marijuana” is fantastic. The header on the website is a little “far out” for my taste, and Ryan isn’t exactly what you would call a highly, (no pun intended), stylized writer, but this isn’t a “pleasure read”, it’s an instructional guide. And as such, Riley has delivered on all his promises. The bonus package Ryan Riley packs along with the program is excellent! I’m just going to make a quick list of some of the bonuses: “The Cannabis Care Manual,” a “Quick-Start Guide,” “The Stoner’s Cookbook,” (Weeder loves that one, and a lot of non smokers use it to administer their medical marijuana), “The Ultimate Strain Guide,” “Ganja Etiquette,” (must admit I haven’t gotten into that one yet. The word “Etiquette,” has always been a bit of a turn-off for me), “Marijuana Security Blackbook,” (this one is invaluable to anyone living in an unenlightened State where there is no legal weed), and more. I really believe that if I were to go out and purchase all these bonuses separately, it would have cost quite a bit more than I paid for the entire program.

This is a review site: for more information, go to the official website

Medical Weed helps me calm down enough to do my Tinnitus therapy.


Part of my Tinnitus therapy involves meditation, (along with proper diet, and a few exercises that involve a tremendous amount of concentration). Tinnitus symptoms vary from individual to individual. Some people have a buzzing noise in their ears, others describe it as a whirring sound. Still others say they get brief and intermittent bursts of intense high pitched ringing. I, and many others, have constant Tinnitus, and mine is the piercing, high-pitched variety. I Can’t recall a second, since the “accident”, that I didn’t hear it.

I have searched and searched for a cure for Tinnitus. My doctor told me there was basically nothing he could do for it. I tried Qietus, and while I’ve heard it works wonders for people with certain types of Tinnitus, it did nothing for mine. I’m trying a new program now, and it seems to be helping some. If it works, (I’m praying for it), I’ll submit a post. The exercises in the new program require serious concentration, and those of you who have PTSD, like I do, know that is not always easy. I seriously don’t think I could do the exercises if not for the medical marijuana.


If I had any negative words to say about “Growing Elite Marijuana”, believe me I would convey them to you. But as I said before, this unbelievably easy, super fast, and thorough program has completely changed my life. The high quality marijuana I’m growing, for virtually free, is far more potent than most of the medical marijuana we were spending big bucks on before, at our dispensary. The live support, and emails from Ryan and the gang helped me through any problems I came up against. Whether it’s growing elite marijuana indoors, or outside, this  grow bible will teach you everything you need to know about how to grow elite pot. Growing marijuana can also be a wonderful hobby. If grown properly, high quality marijuana is a beautiful plant, and I thoroughly enjoy my hours of horticulture. Let’s let the results speak for themselves. Here’s a little pic of my latest legal weed babies…….. Tell me what you think.


Read the rest of my posts for more information and a few humorous articles on the Joys of Growing! Happy reading, and happy growing!
grow cannabis indoor

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About the Creator of Growing Elite Marijuana (for a full review, click “home” at top of page)

Medical Marijuana is the wave of the future


High potency marijuana for medical marijuana users:

“Growing Elite Marijuana” was created by Ryan Riley. There are a lot of people out there trying to develop strains of high potency marijuana for the purpose of aiding the millions of people who, like me, suffer from one or more of the many illnesses and disorders that can be effectively treated with medical marijuana. Ryan is aware of the value of medical marijuana, but I don’t think he developed his cannabis grow bible with the sole intention of benefitting the medical community.

Though his program has helped thousands of folks, who, again like me, have a legal prescription and want to grow their own medical marijuana to avoid paying the high prices of medical weed, I have a feeling that may have been coincidental. Ryan wanted to learn how to grow stinky, sticky, hairy, nuggets of elite weed; extremely high potency marijuana, without paying high quality weed prices. In his own words, Ryan says he was tired of tracking down his next supply, and buying garbage weed for premium prices.

grow marijuana

The origins of “Growing Elite Marijuana”: High potency marijuana

Ryan wanted to grow elite marijuana, the kind that makes you want to write home to mom about. He wanted to grow high potency marijuana, without paying the high quality weed prices. Ryan began researching. He bought nearly every book about growing pot he could find. He interviewed experts, and even attended cannabis classes in college. He says he wasted thousands of dollars on ruined crops, incorrect equipment, and a host of other pot killers, and admits he made nearly every mistake one can possibly make.

marijuana pot cannabis mary jane field big crop

How to grow high potency marijuana

After years of trial and error, Ryan developed a “secret formula” to growing “premium, dank, frosty crops.” He developed a nearly flawless system that takes your marijuana plants from “seed to sensationally stoned in record time.” Now, after 20 years of successfully growing for himself and for others, Ryan decided to “bring this gift to the community of fellow aspiring world-class marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.” The guide he developed will take you from seed to smoke regardless of your experience, or lack there of. This weed growers bible is a beautifully illustrated step by step guide that has an enormous amount to offer, whether you’re a novice grower, or a seasoned veteran.

grow marijuana


Medical marijuana for the non-wealthy

I am a sufferer of PTSD, and of Tinnitus, (long story and I don’t want to bother you with my problems), and marijuana is about the only thing I have found that actually helps control both of these disorders. Since purchasing the Growing Elite Marijuana book, I have been growing my own medicine instead of paying outrageous prices for weed that is half the quality I can now produce. I’ve already saved thousands! If Ryan Riley was here right now, I’d kiss him right on the face.
And I’m not one who goes around kissing other men.

Thanks for reading my post


You’re obviously thinking about growing your own stash, or you wouldn’t be reading this page. For my money, (and by that I mean for less than the price of a decent bag), “Growing Elite Marijuana” is the Growers Bible I’ll be using from here on out. For more information visit the official website.

Thanks for reading, and tune in for more posts on the subject.

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The 5 “Don’ts of Dancing With Mary Jane: Part 1 A Bridge Too Narrow

hippies grow marijuana

A Humorous and Historical Look at the Highs and Lows of a Pot Smoker

Before we moved to Beautiful Colorado, I unfortunately had had a few run-ins with the law-enforcement-type people back home in Assbackwards Kansas; specifically, with the County Sheriff’s Department. I swear, if you’re a pot smoker, there’s not one of those jar-headed, clod-hopping sons of bitches that has anything even remotely resembling a sense of humor. The following is a list of things you shouldn’t do if you want to stay out of trouble in the States that are still in the marijuana middle-ages. For those of you back in Kansas, or anywhere other than Colorado, for that matter, here’s a little picture of what you’re missing.


I was 17 the first time I got busted for weed

It was in good ole Soandso County, Kansas. I wasn’t growing marijuana back then. It was 1977, and we were still getting our 5 finger bags of “Mexican dirt weed” for ten dollars, and ounces, (which is a little less than a 5 finger,)  of  “Colombian Red, or Gold”, for 35 to 40. I had just finished a grueling Saturday afternoon at my drudge-job, washing dishes at Mae’s Steakhouse. My friend, Tim, an avid pot smoker, picked me up in his ’69 Dodge Charger, and told me I was in for a real treat. He had just picked up some “Mohican” weed, which in those days was some kick-ass high quality bud.

grow marijuana

Craig the Weed Head

We high-tailed it over to our fiend Craig’s, (he had been tagged with the nickname, “Craig the Weed Head” back in Junior High.) He got in the Dodge, and we headed out to our favorite smoke spot; the one-lane bridge on Santa Fe Lake Road. We pulled over to the side of the road, and right after we got out, (Tim with attaché bag in hand, and Weed Head carrying the cooler full of Budweiser), a red and white Chevy Malibu with red lights flashing in the back dash came roaring across the bridge and right up to us, and stopped. The driver, (who, we found out later was a part-time Andover City Policeman), asked us if we had seen a car wreck anywhere on Santa Fe. We told him we hadn’t, and he went roaring off like a bat out of hell.


We were like, “Damn, that was bad luck running into a cop, but at least it looks like he’s going to be busy for a while, with the wreck and all. Looks like the coast is clear.” So we hauled our attaché case, our cooler, and our skinny young ass’ down to the bank of the Walnut River and commenced partying like only 1970s teenagers knew how. Half-way through our first beer, and our first joint of that delicious Mohican, (Tim had paid seventy dollars apiece for two ounces back when most pot was much cheaper), when all of a sudden, at the top of the hill, shaking pistol in hand, shouting unintelligible phrases that included “DON’T MOVE!”, and “UNDER ARREST!”, and moving unsteadily down the slope, was the “Barney Fife” of Andover Kansas. He didn’t have the authority to actually take us to jail, but he informed us that the Backasswards County Sherriff was on the way.


Sheriff Buford T Justice dep_2147976-Cartoon-hippie-musician

And sure enough, he was ……….., and after about an hour, (of course every old lady in town drove by while this was all going on), of “Sheriff Bart” yelling at us, threatening us, and insulting us, he told us that since it was Memorial Day Weekend, the jail was already full to the brim. While he was going to place us under arrest, he had no choice but to let us go on our own recognizance, under one condition…….. that we, being minors, had to go home and tell our parents what had happened and that they would be getting a call from the Sherriff’s office. Craig the Weed Head was crying like a baby girl, and blubbering on about how sorry he was, (which was tremendously embarrassing for him for quite some time to come). We were like, “Damn it Weed Head, shut the hell up, you’re making it worse!” It’s not like  Tim and I weren’t pretty shaken up too, so we all agreed we would go home and tell our folks. Crap!

Corporal punishment for pot smoker


My dad was the Methodist preacher in our town, and Tim’s mom was a teacher at our high school. We were so fucked! All this, as I said earlier, happened on Saturday afternoon. When I got home, I found my dad working hard on the sermon he would be preaching the following morning. I knew I should tell him right away about all the trouble my friends and I were in, but he always got real intense when he was thinking about God and stuff, so I decided to wait until after church in the morning. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! When we got to the church, all the little old ladies were already talking behind their hands, and smirkingly whispering.

Mom hadn’t gone to church that morning. (Later in life, Mom got cancer. She became a pot smoker when she found it eased the side effects of her treatment.) She had just come home from  the graveyarrd shift at the hospital where she worked as a Registered Nurse. When Dad and I walked in the door after church, the first thing my mom said was, “Hey, who got busted for weed yesterday afternoon?” Shit……….. You can believe I got an earful about God and Jesus that day.


What’s the moral of the story? If you plan on dancing with Mary Jane with Pot Smoker Tim, and his sidekick, Craig the Weed HeadDon’t get busted for weed! Get in that Dodge, and Charge the heck out of there!

Stay tuned for part 2……………..Backyard blunders.

(weed head)

grow cannabis indoor




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Learning to Grow Marijuana – why and how


Legalized Marijuana: A sign of the times

The times are definitely changing. Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for recreation, and to date, twenty States have decriminalized medical marijuana. I feel strongly that sooner than later the rest of the country is going to catch on. We have an opportunity to start a second industrial revolution and bring our country out of debt in a very short time. Think of the jobs that would be created if only the government would pull their heads out of their butts and let this movement take its course. Everyone would always have enough weed, and we could make fuel, and paper, and clothing etc…. from the stems.

Medical Marijuana is the Wave of the Future

As it is now, however, only 22 of our states are with the medical marijuana program. Do you want to know what a lot of the citizens of these states are doing? We’re learning to grow marijuana! My dispensary “guy”,  here in Colorado, has been growing medical marijuana for quite some time. He’s been growing pot indoors for years. One of the last times I went to the dispensary, he told me he was getting ready to learn to grow marijuana outdoors, too.

Medical Marijuana at the dispensary is TOO EXPENSIVE!


That got me thinking. Now, I’d been buying medical marijuana from the same “guy” for quite a spell.  It was always high quality stuff, in fact for the most part it was elite weed. In this part of the country his stuff was pretty much legendary. It had never occurred to me that at some point in his past my “guy” had had to learn how to grow pot. Now that Colorado has passed our new laws, I decided I needed to be learning to grow marijuana.

I had tried, in the past, to grow my own weed, but had failed miserably. Everything I grew reminded me of the shit we used get out of the ditches back when I was a kid, in Kansas. When I started thinking about my “guy” actually learning to grow marijuana, I decided to give it a shot. I mentioned it to a friend of mine, and he told me the first thing I needed was a cannabis grow bible. Being a preachers’ son from Smallville, I was almost offended when he said that. But I got on the web to look for such a thing.

Speak Up For Legalized Marijuana in Your State

For those of you who live in a State where they don’t have legalized marijuana, medical marijuana or otherwise, I can’t begin to describe to you the feeling of liberation it gives me to be able to safely grow and administer my own medical marijuana. I’m sort of what you might call a novice at this internet thing. I’m 53, and I’ve only been able to log on to the computer for about 8 years. So, naturally, when I got on the internet, I went straight to Google, and typed in the word “free”, followed by “medical marijuana growing”, “how do you grow marijuana”, “how to grow weed indoors”, “growing marijuana”, etc…. My results were pretty much what you’d expect. I got a lot of strung out information. There was a lot of good info out there, and if I wanted to spend the next year or so copy and pasting, from site to site, I might accumulate everything I needed.

cannabis grow

Brother Myles to the rescue! Learning to Grow the right way

It was actually my brother, Myles, who turned me on to Ryan Riley’s “Growing Elite Marijuana”, when we went to visit him and his family Christmas before last, back in Kansas. He’d bought it online about a week before, and when he showed me the book on his computer, I was amazed. Talk about a “medical marijuana growers bible”! This thing contained everything a person would ever need to know about learning to grow marijuana – from which seeds to get, (and where to safely purchase them), to cloning. And that’s just the book. He got a lot of free bonuses to boot. I told Myles he better be one careful son of a gun if he planned on growing weed there in Kansas, there’s no legalized marijuana there, but he showed me a chapter in the book that covers that too, the Security Black-book. I wouldn’t be too awful sure about that, Myles, but here in Colorado, HELL YES!

Learning to grow legalized marijuana has saved us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!


I bought the e-book as soon as we got home, ordered my first seeds, and I was in business, growing my own medical marijuana. I won’t say exactly how much the course cost me, but it was well less than the last ounce of weed I bought. I had to buy that one last May, when we went back to Doo-Dah for our son Rudy’s wedding. I was too afraid to bring any of my homegrown across the state line. The results I’ve had from the knowledge I got from “Growing Elite Marijuana, have been nothing short of amazing. Heck if it weren’t for Ryan Riley, I would never have even known how to get these killer seeds!

grow marijuana

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